Saturday, January 22, 2011

Out of the ashes in my Weber Kettle arises a new blog?

It is time to reinvent Josh Grills It All. I’ve not been motivated to grill or blog about grilling for some time now. I really feel as though I’ve got something to add to the bloggosphere that won’t add to the clutter already out there. I’ve decided to write a narrowly focused blog that targets the following topics:

Grilling Mediterranean (Greek, Italian, French, Turkish, Croatian, Spanish,and others) Food
Exploring the food traditions of Louisiana
Local barbecue competitions and outdoor cooking events
Grilling Get Togethers

My goal is to post once better than every three weeks. I plan on putting more research into each recipe and work into the photographs. I’ve also heard from my dogs’ Agent who tells me that they are contractually obligated to a certain number of appearances and mentions.

I am open to suggestions and would like to hear from people in the Baton Rouge area about how I might help promote local restaurants, specialty food stores, grill supply stores, and foodie events. I do not want to earn anything from this or become a shameless self promoter. This is to be a hobby and a way to discuss grilling with others.

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